Commenting about Security Developments related to Cloud impacting SaaS

Join the Nebucom SaaSification Security Bootcamp June 23rd on Compliance. Regulations, certifications, standards from different perspectives are not only a constant challenge for enterprise organizations, but increasingly so for SaaS providers. SaaS customers are rightfully extending their liabilities to their cloud providers. Or not? Join the debate, learn about the major challenges and deep dive into managing the challenges and issues with the Nebucom team. 
woensdag, 18 februari 2015 00:00

Protecting Code in the Cloud

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Protecting the source code of an application can originate from several motivations. Modern applications are becoming more and more the result of an expensive, intensive development cycle and should be protected against adversaries. You don't leave high profile assets unprotected, neither should your source code be. Besides the economical factor, it is also a problem for security. Source code is often the place where crackers or adversaries in general will look when they want to bypass some sort of authentication. The general rule however, still holds: "Never rely on security through obscurity". Nevertheless,you should not make it too easy, it…
On December 1st, the as part of the activities organized its first SaaSification Security bootcamp.  Intended to starters of Software as a Service companies, starting or enhancing their applications, by providing them guidance on the technical and business challenges related to security and privacy in their SaaS platforms.  The first bootcamp dived into the challenges related to the cloud, general infrastructure security challenges, touched upon data protection issues, distribution of keys and securing data and applications and protection code based upon OWASP challenges and other.    Participants joined us mainly from developers and operators of private clouds, being…
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