Commenting about Security Developments related to Cloud impacting SaaS

A company like Google has a lot of challenges to tackle when it comes to security. Not only due to the scale of their services but also the complex structure of their applications makes it hard to implement a good security strategy. Nevertheless they seem to do a pretty good job in securing their platforms. So it is interesting to know how they do this. Eran Feigenbaum, Director of Security at Google Apps, gave a keynote presentation on this topic and what follows is a summarized article.  First and for most, as a Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) at a…
An interesting presentation to follow was the one where ENISA highlighted what actions the European Union is taking to ensure a guided form of cloud adaption for governments and to put a firm and secure cloud strategy implementation into place. It does this by providing frameworks and procurement guidelines for adopting cloud services. We go into more detail regarding risk assessment and management for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs). We end with the challenges that are still present for the financial and e-Health sectors.  ENISA is active and operational in several fields being:  providing recommendations to member states on security…
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Anatomy of a data breach

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The adaption of Software-as-a-Service and cloud solutions in general, is starting to become popular. However we are trusting these cloud providers with our most valuable asset, our data. Data breaches are happening all the time, as cloud providers are interesting targets for hackers who are after creditcard information or other sensitive information. Certain questions arise when you migrate your applications, and by doing this also your data, to the cloud. What can we do with data migrating to the cloud? What type of security measures can be taken? It is obvious that we (the good guys) need to be right…
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