Commenting about Security Developments related to Cloud impacting SaaS

A lot of different consumer services in the cloud are available nowadays. If you want to have a good data driven IT management strategy in your company, you will need to acknowledge that besides the sanctioned IT cloud solutions there is also something we call "shadow IT". These are consumer services running in your company network without being sanctioned by the IT department. The fact that these employees bring these services into their workplace can pose significant security issues. It is estimated that today, 72% of the IT professionals do not know the scope of shadow IT at their companies.…
This will be the first article in a series based on talks given at the Cloud Security Alliance Conference in Rome, 19th and 20th November. The first keynote presentation was given by Kevin Walker, Vice President and Assistent CISO at Walmart.  His talk focuses on how Walmart changed their view on information security and how they improved their security frameworks and what efforts and resources were needed to achieve it.  The talk started with a bit of history. Information security became a big issue when the bad guys around 1998 started to realize that a lot could be gained by…
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Interactive Q&A with Cloud Providers

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Things get interesting when you put some of the biggest cloud providers together on stage and you basically give the crowd control on the questions to ask. This interactive Q&A had a lot of interesting people on board: Eran Feigenbaum, Director of Security, Google Apps Tim Rains, Director, Trustworthy Computing, Microsoft Kay Hooghoudt, Director Business Development Managed Cloud, Atos/Canopy Cory Louie, Trust, Safety & Security, Dropbox David Lenoe, Director, Secure Software Engineering, Adobe  Here is a summary of the (short) Q&A: Q: What are your opinions about information sharing of user data? Adobe: Information sharing in a responsible way should…
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