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An interesting presentation to follow was the one where ENISA highlighted what actions the European Union is taking to ensure a guided form of cloud adaption for governments and to put a firm and secure cloud strategy implementation into place. It does this by providing frameworks and procurement guidelines for adopting cloud services. We go into more detail regarding risk assessment and management for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs). We end with the challenges that are still present for the financial and e-Health sectors. 

ENISA is active and operational in several fields being: 

  • providing recommendations to member states on security best practices;
  • policy implementation;
  • mobilizing communities and raising security awareness;
  • providing hands-on experience.

The goal of their cloud strategy guideline frameworks is a dual one: the first one being the facilitation of adopting cloud computing for users at home and companies and the second one being the adaption of governmental cloud computing.

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