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SaaS: How We Automated Free Trial Extensions to Increase Paid Conversions by 33%... And More to Inspiration for SaaS Growth

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This is the first article in a (hopefully) long list of weekly articles containing news, articles and "stuff" that is of interest for SaaS entrepreneurs. We will cover topics like "growth hacking", "scaling up", "building scalable relationships", "metrics" and "devops".
SaaS: How We Automated Free Trial Extensions To Increase Paid Conversions By 33%

Great and honest experience report from the guys over at on what they learned from offering free trials. One of their most surprising conclusions: some users ask for an extension of the trail because they simply didn't find enough time to try out the software, but eventually did become paying customers. Great read for all you SaaS companies out there.

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Measuring the Health of Your SaaS Business: the Ultimate Metrics Guide

As a startup/tech entrepreneur, you should already know you'll need metrics to track the progress of your startup. But what metrics to track? Users? Time on site? MRR? This article gives concrete advise on what to track and when to track during the life time of your startup. For example: if you are not yet at product/market fit, track how dissapointed people would be if you take your product away from them, and work your way towards a 40% "very dissapointed" score.

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Sean Ellis: The Rise of the Growth Hacker

An introductory article on growth hacking by Sean Ellis, the God father of growth hacking. Don't expect deep insights, just plain of traditional marketing vs. growth hacking stuff, but for those not too familiar with this growth thing, a welcome introduction.

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The webscale effect: 6 big shifts in computing, courtesy of the world's largest web companies — Tech News and Analysis

This article talks about 6 big shifts in computing, for all tech entrepreneurs to benefit from. Just 1 example (you'll need to read the rest in the original article): the open source explosion: there is so much in open source these days, that you can literally build an MVP in a matter of days, just mixing and matching one open source library with another. (as a side note: that's exactly what I am doing when I am prototyping stuff).

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