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6 Reasons Why Outsourcing Early Software Product Development for a Tech Startup Is a Tough One, and Some Tips on How to Deal With It.

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 (original from website, by Nick Boucart, Sirris)

In my work with software entrepreneurs, I often get questions about outsourcing software product development. In many cases, these questions come from non-technical, or non-software founders. I call this type of founders "business founders". (as opposed to technical founders, that come from a technological background). My take: add a technical co-founder or CTO to your team or your startup has a serious handicap.

Most business founders have a pretty good feeling with the market: their ideas sprout from observing real business problems. Business founders are often capable of estimating and testing if there is a market for their proposed software. What they lack however, is knowledge about how to translate their idea into working software. The most logical thing to do then, as a business founder, is to outsource your software product development to a 3rd party, or isn't it? Here are six reasons why:

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