SaaSification is the process of migrating from a traditional software distribution method to an exploitation of the software over the internet, as a service. 

Software as a Service, SaaS is a an evolving delivery method of software and services, providing access to software and its functions remotely or distributed either as a Web-based service, a Mobile service, or on any other platform. Software as a Service allows organizations to access similar functionalities as if it where completely disconnected from the internet. But it provides additional functionalities and services, when connected. Software as a Service is typically at a cost less than paying for licensed applications, but in many cases it also offers more instant functionality and integrates various sources of information and data, typically coming from various sources. For the end user, the software is originally hosted remotely, and can be run instantaneously. It is frequently hosted in the cloud or serviced from within cloud platforms. SaaS software and services can be offered free, on a per usage fee, with monthly subscriptions in licensed fees, or combinations of these. Software as a Service typically reduces the need for organizations to handle the installation, set-up and often daily upkeep and maintenance. Upgrades are typically automated, as part of the distribution. Software as a Service may also be referred to as simply hosted applications. 

Some examples of SaaS ; 

1. any application in the iTunes store or Google Play Store

2. Microsoft Office 365, the SaaS version of the office platform, running locally, serviced over the internet 

3. the originating model from, while still using the browser as the main platform, today the services can also be accessed from a tablet, phone or other platforms

4. Woorank, an online service rating websites, their performance and providing suggestions for further improvements

5. Vasco's Digipass as a Service, providing an online platform to manage authorisations to platforms, or to have distributed access to online services

Software as s Service (SaaS) is constantly evolving and can find many different forms and variieties, but is finally here to stay. 


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