This website tries to provide guidance on several topics regarding Software-as-a-Service applications. First, we provide guidance for security and privacy challenges regarding a new and existing publisher - SaaS provider, both from and end user perspective (the SaaS platform being hosted in the cloud) as from a provider perspective. Secondly, we offer guidelines on securing the applications and services themselves, from the perspective as a software vendor : considerations on software development, authentication and identity, publishing and licensing, software protection, reverse engineering protection, application server security, (in) payment processing, key management, etc. Finally, we try to provide guidelines for developing SaaS models for security vendors which are becoming part of the architecture of the cloud itself, similar to traditional security.

This will be the first article in a series based on talks given at the Cloud Security Alliance Conference in Rome, 19th and 20th November. The first keynote presentation was given by Kevin Walker, Vice President and Assistent CISO at Walmart.  His talk focuses on how Walmart changed their view on information security and how they improved their security frameworks and what efforts and resources were needed to achieve it.  The talk started with a bit of history. Information security became a big issue when the bad guys around 1998 started to realize that a lot could be gained by…
(Source : Dit e-mailadres wordt beveiligd tegen spambots. JavaScript dient ingeschakeld te zijn om het te bekijken.;   The best way to establish value for something is to charge for it…in some instances. ...  majority of the SaaS companies I interacted with all had one common need: the request for single sign-on (SSO). But when it came to monetizing this offering, most of them were reluctant to do so as they either didn’t see the true value of this new offering or couldn’t exactly figure out a model that was viable for their business. With some experimentation and modeling we were able to come up with several ways to monetize their SSO feature set, and…
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